Moving to Find a New Residence and Job Was Our Best Choice

I was having no luck finding any work in the tiny town that I was living in. It was really affecting my ability to take care of my wife and child. I had been working at a factory for about 10 years, but then we received word that it was closing down. They did give me severence pay to help give me time to find a new place to work, but no one was hiring. In the end, we decided to pack up and move so that we could look for apartments in San Antonio TX and start a new life there. We knew we would miss where we lived before, but we also knew that our new destination would hold so many more opportunities.

The factory that I worked at was a well known one and I really enjoyed it there. I was the night manager and I worked my way up from working on the line many years earlier. I made sure that all of my employees were safe and that we met all of our daily goals. I was really sad to see the place shut down. But when there are not very many businesses in the area, I knew it would be tough to find something quickly. It was unfortunate that I could not find anything at all, though. I did have a chance to take a managerial job at a convenience store, but that is not what I wanted out of life. I needed to do better for myself, my wife and my little boy.

When we arrived in San Antonio, we moved into a really nice place right away. My wife loves it because it has a playground and a swimming pool. Our son can now go outside and play and we can watch him from the window. That is what I was doing last night when I told my wife that I got a new job paying twice as much as I made before.

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Choosing Platinum Party Buses in Toronto for Our Annual Fall Foliage Trip

Fall foliage trips are fun. I started with my wife years ago. We would go back when we were dating. We kept up the tradition when we got married and after the kids came along. A few neighbors wanted to go, and my my parents and in-laws wanted to start going too. We each went in separate vehicles one year. It was fun, but I thought traveling together would be a whole lot more fun. This year we decided on one of the Platinum party buses in Toronto. Everyone chipping in their gas money helped cover a lot of the cost of renting the bus and driver for a day.

We make a full day of our fall foliage trips. We stop at roadside shops that sell things such as local honey, jellies and jams, breads and pastries and fruits and vegetables. This is when we buy our pumpkins for our fall decorations too. We have each of the kids pick out their version of a perfect pumpkin from a pumpkin patch we like to visit each year. We have several stops along our route that include some breathtaking vistas of fall foliage as well as some closeup experience with the trees and leaves that make great photo ops. Read More

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Party Buses Are the New Generation of Fancy Limos

Where I come from they call it renting a car. Sometimes the older folks refer to it as calling for a car. It is when you do not want a cab, but you want a professional driver and a nice vehicle that does not look like a cab. We would use them to pick up or take people to the airport, and I even called a car once for my grandmother to get her out of her house for a few hours. We have been using the same company for years, and for our daughter’s weeding we looked at to pick out a party bus for her and her wedding party. We wanted them all to get to the ceremony and to the reception in style. Read More

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I Made a Wise Choice That is Helping Me to Save Money

Building a small shed in my backyard turned out to be a bigger venture than I thought it would be. I originally just wanted to build a place to store my garden tools and winter clothing, but then I soon found myself hiring an electrical contractor in Passaic County NJ to come out and wire the entire place so that someone could live in there. I had never even entertained this thought when I was sketching up plans for my very simple shed, but that’s what I ended up doing. I am glad that I did because now I am earning some extra income every month that helps me get by in life a little easier.

I had originally been storing a lot of things outside in my backyard without any trouble. But then two families with teen boys moved in. Soon after, things throughout the neighborhood began going missing. At first, everyone didn’t understand why it was happening. Most of us had been living in the area for decade with no troubles with people stealing anything. But, then one day, a lot of my expensive garden tools went missing. Read More

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I Just Started My New Career

It is a big deal for me to have a real job, although to be honest I did not want to move to Utah for it. However I have decided to look at the bright side and so I am thinking about all of the opportunities for outdoor recreation in this area of the world. I spent this morning looking at the Salt Lake City Utah apartments nearest to my job. Obviously I want to find something that is as close to it as I can find. The big thing I want is something that is not going to be like the last place where I lived while I was in college. Read More

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