Choosing Platinum Party Buses in Toronto for Our Annual Fall Foliage Trip

Fall foliage trips are fun. I started with my wife years ago. We would go back when we were dating. We kept up the tradition when we got married and after the kids came along. A few neighbors wanted to go, and my my parents and in-laws wanted to start going too. We each went in separate vehicles one year. It was fun, but I thought traveling together would be a whole lot more fun. This year we decided on one of the Platinum party buses in Toronto. Everyone chipping in their gas money helped cover a lot of the cost of renting the bus and driver for a day.

We make a full day of our fall foliage trips. We stop at roadside shops that sell things such as local honey, jellies and jams, breads and pastries and fruits and vegetables. This is when we buy our pumpkins for our fall decorations too. We have each of the kids pick out their version of a perfect pumpkin from a pumpkin patch we like to visit each year. We have several stops along our route that include some breathtaking vistas of fall foliage as well as some closeup experience with the trees and leaves that make great photo ops. A family picture I have in my office was taken on one of these outings.

The party bus is the way to go for a big family outing. Once you can’t fit everyone into the family minivan, it is time to rent a party bus. They are much better suited to this than a fancy limo. I remember going to a dinner outing and the limo had difficulty getting through an intersection because of the rise in the road grade. A bus can be maneuvered a lot better, especially in the rural areas we like to go for our fall foliage trips. The buses are nice in that you have plenty of room for your purchases, and you can stand up inside of them.

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