I Just Started My New Career

It is a big deal for me to have a real job, although to be honest I did not want to move to Utah for it. However I have decided to look at the bright side and so I am thinking about all of the opportunities for outdoor recreation in this area of the world. I spent this morning looking at the Salt Lake City Utah apartments nearest to my job. Obviously I want to find something that is as close to it as I can find. The big thing I want is something that is not going to be like the last place where I lived while I was in college. I can not claim that I never have loud parties myself, but the people at this complex were at it every single night. That was not so terrible when you were going to college classes. You can put on sunglasses and lay your head on the desk if that is what you have to do. The only thing that matters is if you can get a good grade at the end.

That is not how it is going to be here. The boss here is a practicing Mormon and he is apparently thinking that I should be as well. Of course that means that he does not drink and he does not smoke, and that also means that he does not approve of other people smoking and drinking. If you come into work without getting enough sleep because you were partying all night, that is not going to sit well. In fact I am pretty sure that he would fire you for that sort of thing, especially if you are just starting out like I am right now. It is an easy thing for me to think given the facts.

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