I Made a Wise Choice That is Helping Me to Save Money

Building a small shed in my backyard turned out to be a bigger venture than I thought it would be. I originally just wanted to build a place to store my garden tools and winter clothing, but then I soon found myself hiring an electrical contractor in Passaic County NJ to come out and wire the entire place so that someone could live in there. I had never even entertained this thought when I was sketching up plans for my very simple shed, but that’s what I ended up doing. I am glad that I did because now I am earning some extra income every month that helps me get by in life a little easier.

I had originally been storing a lot of things outside in my backyard without any trouble. But then two families with teen boys moved in. Soon after, things throughout the neighborhood began going missing. At first, everyone didn’t understand why it was happening. Most of us had been living in the area for decade with no troubles with people stealing anything. But, then one day, a lot of my expensive garden tools went missing. I checked the video on the cameras I had up outside my house and learned that my things went missing due to the new teens that had moved in with their parents. Their parents didn’t seem to care when I talked to them about it, so that’s when I decided to build something to keep everything more safe.

Soon after a neighbor heard about what I was doing in my backyard, he told me that I should build one of those new tiny houses that are so popular. He said that his son has one in his backyard and he has tenants who pay $1,000 per month to live in it. After some thought, I decided I would do the same. It has a small AC unit in it as well as running water now. The tenants who live in are great, and now I have extra money each month.

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